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Project 52- Week 18

Welcome to my 18th week of Project 52, a little late but I still did it. Project 52 is a weekly wrap-up of our lives behind the blog.  A couple pictures showing you what goes on with us and the kids and the things we do.

project 52, weekly photos

Guess What…..Last week was busy. So busy in fact I was barely on the blog, twitter and facebook. So busy in fact I didn’t have time to put up Project 52 on Saturday like I usually do. The kids were on spring break, the weather was nice and Rob and I were working on the garden. Saturday we had a cub scouts event with Shaun. We got a tour and boating lesson on the Kalmar Nyckel, a replica 17th century merchant ship from Sweden. They got to learn knots, setting sail, blacksmithing and loading a canon.

haul away


a bouquet of dandelions

naptime for big brother

yuck face....look who needs a nap

Do you do Project 52? Add your link in the comments below so I can come check out your week.




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