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Thumbprint Crafts for Kids

Here’s another fun craft that can be done with kids using their very own fingerprints. All you need is paper, pencils, ink pads and a child’s hand.

Thumbprint Fishbowl
On a sheet of heavy paper or construction paper (white or light colored) lightly draw out the shape of a fishbowl. This gives the kids a guideline of where to fill in the space. Choose the color of your fish and with the child’s inked thumb press down on the paper. For fins have the child use their pinky and tilt it off the fishy’s butt, twice. fishbowl-thumbprints
Now it’s time for the water. Using blue ink and careful not to go over the fish have your child fill in the fishbowl completely. Have the child stamp their finger on the paper more than once to give varying shades of blue. For an extra touch, using a different color have the child add a layer of “rocks or pebbles” on the bottom of the fishbowl. We used purple and red. Let dry for several minutes and ALL DONE!


thumbprint goldfish

Using GummyLump’s Eric Carle inspired crafts we also did Ladybug Thumbprints. Using a sheet of paper, crayons or colored pencils and a red ink pad we got a full swarm of ladybugs.

I drew leaf shapes of varying sizes and helped Shae color them in. She stamped her thumb with red ink and went crazy with imprints on the page. She then, with a black colored pencil, added antennas, spots and legs. It was simple and she had total control of how many ladybugs she made and how they looked.

Whether you get your inspiration from me, GummyLump’s 300 Crafts for Kids campaign or somewhere else get crafting with your kids and create something special.



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