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We Had An Awesome Green Lantern Party

In preparation for the Green Lantern Movie which will be hitting theaters on June 17, 2011 we were lucky enough to have been invited to host a Green Lantern party. Knowing how excited Shaun and Shae would be about this party got me excited to have this party as well.

Shaun and his friends from the neighborhood plus Shae and Sabreena attended the party that we held Friday night. We served chips and homemade pizza and had a blast watching the Green Lantern First Flight DVD. All of the kids had a blast playing with the Battle Shifter figures like Blade Attack and Scorpion Assault. They also had a blast taking turns playing with the Green Lantern Colossal Cannons. I think the cannons other then the food might have been the biggest hit at the party. The kids did find it hard to share the cannons and I think that was because they were having so much fun shooting the power discs but in the end everyone got a turn with the cannon.

In our party box were other cool items that they kids were excited to receive like the Green Lantern Power Ring as well as the Green Lantern Secret Origins Comics. Before this party I have to be honest I didn’t know there were so many cool Green Lantern toys but our party showed me that I was 100% wrong.

I was also given a recipe that I didn’t get a chance to try but from the description sounds like something Shaun and I would enjoy.

Intergalactic Power Slime – The classic Jello Recipe with a Green Lantern Twist! Perfect for intergalactic warriors!


  • 1 pkg lime Jello
  • 1 cup hot water
  • 1 cup cold water
  • 1 large green apple peeled, cored, chopped
  • 5 oz pkg mini marshmallows

Instructions: In a glass pan, stir the hot water into the powered Jello mix until it is completely dissolved. Next, stir in the cold water. Add the apples and marshmallows. Chill until firm. For easy serving, pour Jello mixture in individual serving bowls before chilling.

So our Green Lantern Party was a huge hit and the kids were excited that they got to leave with toys, rings and a comic book. Shaun and I can’t wait for the Green Lantern to hit theaters. We are totally there.

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