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Deciding On New Furniture Is Tough!!!

A few weeks back I wrote a post on dining room sets and how Melinda loves the one we currently have but is kind of leaning towards making a change.

So we have been discussing what options we have and what kind of new dining room set we may be interested in and we really like the Linon Chelsea Dining Nook Set. We aren’t 100% sold on this yet because we aren’t sure if it may be a little to country for our kitchen but for me the biggest thing I like about this set is the corner bench seating. To me this just looks awesome and really makes this dining room set stand out.

Growing up my parents had a dining room set with bench seating on each side and the table sat 10 which was good because there was 10 of us. I am definitely not looking to seat 10 but I will admit I have always been a fan of bench seats. For me they make to room look sophisticated.

I am not sure which way we will go or if we will even get a dining room set with bench seating but it never hurts to look and see what is out there and available.

How do you feel about bench seating? Do you like it in the dining room?

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