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Project 52- Week 21

It’s the halfway point of the year. This is my 21st installment Project 52. This is my weekly update of what if going on in our lives behind the blog. So in case you were wondering what we did this week here ya go!

Last week was awesome. We went to Reviewers Retreat at Great Wolf Lodge in Pocono Mountains, PA. We met a great group of bloggers made some friends, learned some tips and tricks and overall had a fabulous time. Here’s a peek at the cool people we met.
Social Media extraordinaire Ted Rubin
Ted Rubin
Renee from What Mommies Need, we clicked like we knew each other for years
Rachel Ferrucci, we would totally be friends IRL if we didn’t have so many miles between us
Rachel Ferruci
The Double Duty Divas in person, Cecelia from Cool Baby Kid and Bridgette from Experimental Mommy
Double Duty Divas
Scavenger Hunt Team Hydro Plunge, Liz from a Nut in a Nutshell, Xenia from ThanksMailCarrier Nichol from Kiddies Corner Deals, Heather from Girl Gone Mom, Jennifer from MommaDandDaBoyz and of course me and Rob.
Hyrdo Plunge
Me and Rob 🙂
Pajama Party
My old pal Nichol from Kiddies Corner
Nicole - Kiddies Corner

My bloggy hero BlueViolet, yes her name is Liz but I will always call her BlueViolet 🙂
Liz-Nut in a Nutshell

If you want to see other Reviewers Retreat pics visit the official RR11 Flickr account.

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