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Summer Skin Care with UNT

Each spring I make my my annual pilgramage to the salon and get my first mani-pedi of the season. This is where I usually indulge in the newest colors that I don’t typically purchase myself. Last week was my appointment and I and brought along UNT Nail Lacquer. I was sent 2 shades of pink from the Pink Fiction Reverie collection; a bubblegum shade called Hot Pants and a bright shimmery fuchsia called Running in Stilletos.

sorry for the bad pic

I got my toes done in Hot Pants and it’s a fun contrast to my natural tan and black sandals. The color itself needed about 3 coats for a smooth dark finish. No chips so far either. UNT Nail Lacquers are made with no formaldehyde, toluene and phthalate esters. This makes me comfortable painting Shae’s nails when she wants to be a girly girl.

I also received the Tip Off Acetone Free nail lacquer remover. I used it on my fingertips a couple weeks ago and felt it wasn’t aggressive enough to remove the color. I used a huge amount of remover for one hand and then went to my store brand to finish the job. It’s not that it didn’t work; it just didn’t work as quickly and easily as I was used to.

UNT products are made using the latest medical and technological advances. With a team of experts in every field they’ve been able to develop a line a health and beauty products that can work with every skin condition.

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