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It’s a 3-day Weekend

Summer begins this weekend. While the calendar may say otherwise, Memorial Day is the official kick-off of the season. With a 3-day weekend ahead there are lots of things up in the air. Also I’m used to having iffy weather but our forecast is calling for lots of sun and high temps.

So far we have plans to finish planting our veggie garden. The only things left are green beans, cucumbers and watermelon. My dad brought over some shepherd’s hooks so we need to get some hanging plants and get them in the yard. I’m not really a flower person but lately I’ve been craving some color so hanging flower baskets it is.

I know Memorial Day is usually the time for barbeques and hitting the beach but we are very low-key. If my parents invite us for dinner or my bff invites us to hang-out that tends to be the extent of our partying. There is a list of Top 11 Things to Avoid This Memorial Day Weekend and I like to follow some of that list. Staying out of traffic is one thing I try hard to follow. Nothing is worse than sitting in a hot car with 3 bored kids doing a lot of “Hurry Up and Wait”.


the worst traffic in america

I also like to unplug. It’s finally a weekend where we don’t have tons of plans so I want to enjoy my family while doing nothing. Our doing nothing is heading to the park, having ice cream sundaes for dessert and watching movies.

What are your typical Memorial Day plans? Do you take a Hawaii cruise vacation? Do you grill out in your own backyard? Do you celebrate the soldiers that have sacrificed their lives for our country?

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