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Adding Fiskars to Craft Time

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Craft time is probably one of Shae’s most favorite times of day. We don’t get to do a project everyday but a couple times a week is good progress for us. We’ve been stocking on supplies but were lacking tools. Fiskars sent us some great additions to help with embellishing and adding those fun final touches.

Edgers- decorative shaped scissors that add flair to any project
Squeeze Punches-easy to use punch to create instant shapes
Paper Trimmers- get straight cuts in a snap from almost any type of paper
Border Punches-instant grass without specks of paper flying around

With the above tools and our existing stash of supplies Shae has been able to create some really fun new projects all part of our #300CraftsforKids Campaign along with GummyLump.  Here are a couple crafts that we’ve accomplished over the last couple weeks.

cutting legs for the jellyfish

see the grass, made from fiskars border punch

hawaiian lei flowers made with punch

Shae’s able to use the scissors and punches with just a little assistance. Her lines may not be straight, her painting my not provide full coverage and her cuts may be off center but she’s enthusiastic about creating things to show off to others. She loves the flower punches and carries stacks of them in her purse to hand out to anyone that she thinks deserves one.
Thanks Fiskars for taking our crafts to a whole new level.



I Disclose

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  1. Those are so cool!! I really want something that is easy for my 4 yo to do on rainy days (like today). Thanks for the great review!

    • Melinda says

      get your coupons for Michaels, AC Moore or Joanns definitely! Some things are pricey but will last forever.

  2. Beautiful. And priceless.

    One of the favorite things I will cherish forever is a piece that looks about the same size as your daughter is showing. My late daughter and I made it (just with stickers and markers) and I cherish it.

    Great to know how well it works for you…and it certainly shows.

    • Melinda says

      we make so many things and I can’t bear to part with any of it. I have so many thing that my teen made that make me all teary today. thanks for coming by!

  3. Debbie jackson says

    Great idea…….what a good thing to do with the grandkids

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