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I Don’t Look My Age

I’m getting old. My skin is showing it too. I don’t take care of myself they way I used to. I would sit for easily an hour at my vanity and smooth on creams, pluck hairs, apply eye makeup; just for a trip to the mall. Nowadays I check to make sure I’m wearing matching shoes and my zipper is up to go grocery shopping. Yes, I’ve gone out without matching shoes. It’s not that I don’t like fancy moisturizers, swanky makeup brush sets and colorful nails I just don’t take the time for me as much as I should. It’s gotten to the point that I when I purchase cosmetics I make sure I lean towards things Sabreena would like in case I never get around to using them.

In a couple short months I’ll be 37 years old; just saying it out loud depresses me. For my birthday celebration I want a day long spa day with my sister or best friend. The day should include a massage, a facial, a soak in a fancy mudbath, a steam room session, a haircut and ending with a professional make-up application. A dinner with friends and family would really top off the entire day.
Couples Massage Cabana

Till then I’ll continue to run through a minimal beauty routine. Sometimes I give myself enough time to roll out of bed, brush teeth, get dressed and then start my day with the kids. When the older two are gone off to school I’ll have a few more ME minutes at least because Shae likes to “play” make-up with Mommy.

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