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Listen to Shae and Shaun sing

I like to call Shae my pop princess because she picks up on music really fast and can recite it back pretty darn close to the original. This often is a problem if you tend to listen to lyrics from singers such as Katy Perry and Bruno Mars. You can usually find me turning off the volume quickly when I know of a particular word or phrase coming up.

In order for Shae and Shaun to enjoy the music that is current today I let them listen to Kidzbop. The latest installation in the kid-friendly versions of today’s hottest pop music CD is #20. Shae is in love with Tonight, Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae. We all sing it as a family because it’s catchy and mostly clean. Kidzbop changes the lyrics just enough to make it ok for kids aged preschool to teen to sing along without getting in trouble.

Excuse the munchkin taking over but that goes to show just how much we actually listen to this song. The Kidzbop version of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep is great in my opinion.
Get Kidzbop 20 at Kidzbop Shop or through Apple iTunes.

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