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Going For My First Massage, EVER!!!!

I am probably like most men who do the bare minimum in regards to appearance. Now just because I made that statement doesn’t mean I let my self go it just means I typically don’t go on weekend spa breaks. Not saying that I never would but it just really never is on my mind.

This past father’s day Melinda and the kids got me one of the most awesome spa gifts. It is a 60 minute sports massage that I just made the appointment for today. I am not huge on strangers touching me let alone massaging me but my body has been so achy the last month so I am game. I am really looking forward to it but 60 minutes seems like a really long time for a massage but maybe I am wrong.

I can remember going to the salon with Melinda probably two years ago and getting a pedicure. It was pretty funny because I am so ticklish on my feet needless to say I felt bad for the lady who was doing the pedicure but to be honest it did feel really good. Who wouldn’t enjoy soaking their feet in warm water follow by a nice foot massage? Now I see why women are so into spa and beauty treatments and why they go so frequently.

If this massage goes well I can see myself going back for another one because after a few weeks of work my body and shoulders are so sore they start to give me headaches. I am really looking forward to this massage.

Do you go for spa/beauty treatments frequently? What is your favorite thing to get done?

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