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Playing Indoors in the Summer

When it’s too hot to actually venture outside what do you and the kids end up doing? Watching TV, playing on the computer, eating? While there is nothing wrong with any of these I prefer to engage the kids with something more entertaining and lively. Lately board games have been Shae’s favorite thing to do. Candy Land, Guess Who, Uno (I know, it’s not a board game) and Hungry Hungry Hippos are her lastest faves. Mix that in with crafts, puzzles, outings and the iPad our day is pretty solidly packed.

But when we got the opportunity to review some fun Nickelodeon Character games and toys the kids were thrilled. Dora’s Carousel Adventure Playset was perfect for my niece Madi. She’s recently fell in love with Dora on the television so I knew she’d take to Dora in her hands. The cute Dora figure came along with colorful accessories that included a carousel horse.

My kids have been enjoying Dora Candyland and Spongebob Hangman. The hangman game has been helping Shaun with his spelling and Candyland is always a great color and counting teacher.

How are you spending those rainy or too hot to bear summer days with the kids?

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