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Glasses.com Has The Glasses You Are Looking For

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I can remember when I was a kid going with my parents while they got new glasses for themselves and what a long boring process it was. Thankfully to this point in my life I haven’t needed glasses but my day may come. To me the process of getting new glasses seems like such a pain and something I am not looking forward to.

What I like now is you no longer need to drag yourself to the store anymore to buy glasses but can now go online to places like glasses.com. I am sure most people tend to go to a physical store to get a feel for what sort of frames they like then go online to save money.

Glasses.com has a nice selection of glasses and sunglasses for men and women. Even though I don’t wear glasses I did browse the men’s glasses to see what I would get if I did wear glasses and I saw a decent amount of frames that I could see myself in. What I like about Glasses.com is their satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love your glasses send them back and Glasses.com pays the shipping. That is an awesome guarantee considering glasses aren’t that cheap.

Like 1-800 CONTACTS, Glasses.com is committed to the highest standard of customer service. We know what we really sell is service and that, in this case, glasses are just the product we deliver.

If you are in the market for a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses stop by glasses.com. They offer free shipping both ways, a virtual try on to see how you look and then allows you to compare and a satisfaction guarantee that they stand behind. Where else can you get service like this?

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  1. I could use a new pair of glasses. Love that they offer free shipping both ways! Thanks for sharing, I’ll check out their site.

  2. LadyCruz says

    Never Again!!! I just cancelled an order with this company. Going on 3 weeks and the kept telling me the frames were out of stock. 3 weeks!!! I went to Walmart and got my daughter her glasses the same day. I will never do this again. This company told me my glasses would be here yesterday and when I called to confirm…they told me the frames were out of stock again. They had no idea what was going on. All I know that is I wated 3 weeks waiting on glasses I could have just gone into Walmart for.

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