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Jonah Hill is now a Head Turner

I’ve been a Jonah Hill fan for many years. My favorite role of his by far is Seth from Superbad. I would quote the movie but the language is so far from appropriate.  Anyway, have you seen Jonah Hill lately?  He’s pretty damn good-looking.  I typically don’t post celebrity news or updates; mainly because I don’t care about celebrities personal lives or platforms but this picture of him looking good in a tux really took me by surpise.  He’s really cute and those eyes are gorgeous.  They say he’s lost the weight for an upcoming role on 21 Jumpstreet.  Can’t wait to see it. Jonah Hill is one of those actors that I won’t miss a film they’re starring in.


photo found on Google Image Search


Good for you Jonah, hope this new svelte self lands you some really great dramatic and romantic roles.

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