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No More Mommy Guilt

Too much TV, too many cookies, not enough sunlight. I’m guilty of all of this sometimes.

I’m a mom, I’m human, I have feelings, I have stress, I have needs, I have responsibility. All of this runs through my mind each day. Each decision that is made affects everything and everyone around me. Should I take the kids to the park or do a craft indoors? If I choose staying in will they get bored faster and have too much energy later in the day. If we go to the park do I run the risk of not getting chores in the house done? There’s a consequence for everything I do. Dealing with the balance each day is a struggle that I KNOW so many other parents work through.

My own workload is backing up. I didn’t get up early enough to work in peace before the kid’s day starts. The tv acts as the entertainment for an hour while I pump through email and my checklist. A little Kick Buttowski never hurt anyone right. I mean the worst that happens is Shae picks up a phrase like “Aw, biscuits”. I DO make sure they’ve eaten a balance breakfast, brushed their teeth and made their beds. Don’t I deserve some credit here?

Friday night is Pizza and Movie night. It’s been that way for almost 4 years. This is the time Rob and I get to sit, have a meal together (sans kids) watch a show or movie we’ve been holding off on all week and spend time together. The kids suffer along the way too. They have to take their pizza and snacks into Shaun’s room and eat picnic style while watching an agreed upon movie. Poor kids with their bedroom tvs, iPods, laptops and gaming systems. Don’t get me wrong, we have many completely unplugged days. Days where board games are piling the kitchen table; days where glitter glue is covering skin up to the elbows and days where sitting on the deck just chatting has been the highlight of the week. It’s all about balance
We are a modern family with modern conveniences but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost the importance of one on one time with real talking and playing. I use what I can to keep my family happy and sane. I make no apologies about it. I’m tired of all the mommy guilt because we all don’t serve home grown organic snacks, homeschool, breastfeed till college and sew each article of clothing that touches our child’s skin.

Parents need to come together and realize that we do things differently and it’s OK. Let it go already and stop being so judgy.

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  1. I love it.You are so right,we all have our own ways of doing things.In the end how we choose to raise our kids is our choice and ours alone.Nice post and great point!

  2. You’re welcome- I enjoy reading the blogs I do because of the things they have to say and I don’t like it when a blogger opens up and tells about their life only to be put down by others.Constructive comments are one thing but insults are quite another. We all live different lives with different rules,customs,opinions and actions.This is what makes us diverse and unique..who wants to be a clone of everyone else? Do what works for you..I do,and if someone doesn’t like it..they can keep it to themselves or stay out of my life!

  3. AMEN! My SIL recently started the “how you are raising” conversation and I SHUT. HER. DOWN. Technology is such a part of kid’s lives that they have flash drives in their back-to-school lists – it drives me crazy when parents get judgmental about letting kids use technology for entertainment. As long as their is a balance between that & playtime, reading time, etc, – quality family time – then everyone wins. 🙂

  4. Who knew parenting can be so competitive? There are a few “rights” and “wrongs” along the way, but there is a lot of things in between that work well with one family and not necessarily for another. Your kids will be just fine! They seem super from the posts you put up! And I think my kids will be fine too! 🙂

    Happy Buzzing,

    Erin T.

  5. I sit and say this to myself every single day. You parent differently than I, who am I to judge. I would never tell anyone differently and never make remarks. I “had” a friend who was not strict like me and would let her kids do anything and she always made nasty remarks about it. You will regret this, you should give them freedom blah blah. I would say you parent your way, I’ll parent mine. Love this post!

  6. We have dinner together as a family at least 5 nights a week. Since I am divorced from my kids father, they go to his house every Friday night, so my hubby and I get one night a week to ourselves. Sometimes we go out & sometimes we don’t, but the break is soooo needed by the end of the school week!!

  7. Amen to that! Full time + worker (I say that because I do also take my work home to complete), Full time Mommy, Full time spouse = conveniences are needed.

  8. I love this post! I’m a single mommy who works full time. I’m far from a perfect mom but I try my best to be there for my daughter when she needs me and give her whatever I can within my budget. I think everyone has their own way of parenting and if I don’t question your way why should you question mine? Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for not making us moms feel guilty over some of our parenting choices.

  9. Dora and Deigo DVDs repeat … over and over and over. I won’t say why I know this but is a handy tip to know!;) Sometimes you just need a break and if a snack and show make you both happy … all the better!

  10. Loveless Marriage says

    There is nothing wrong with modern conveniences. I make my kid watch TV or play his PS3 at times when I’m too busy to keep him company. Well, we need to make a living too! But as you said, it’s all about balance. There will also be times that we play and hang out together to balance things out.

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