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Keep Your Cool Mom

No, I’m not talking cool as in trendy fashion or style. I’m talking keeping your frustration and stress at a manageable level so not to blow up at the kids or pets or spouse or the innocent cashier where you get milk. Early mornings, late nights, jam packed schedules and little time for yourself can set off the baddest of moods which is reflected in everything else you do and everyone you come in contact with. There are methods and tools you can implement to give you a more relaxed inner peace thus resulting in more peaceful parenting and everyday living.

Minimize Stress for Moms

Just Say NO!
The neighbors are leaving town and ask you to pet sit, check their mail, feed their fish and mow their grass. All of these chores on top of your already busy day is just too much to ask. Be upfront and tell them while you really want to help out all of those things are too much for you to take on at the moment. Getting their mail may not be a problem so go ahead and say you can do some but set limits. Don’t let your kind heart take over and put you in a situation you can’t possibly maintain.

Shut Up and Do Something
I know my to-do list is long as well as my pending projects lists. I’ve been known to be so overwhelmed with everything I want to do that I don’t get anything thing done. When you finally have some free time to work on that half finished craft, book or recipe just do it. Enough with the complaining that there isn’t enough time in the day, make those bitchin’ moments more productive.

You Only Have 2 Hands
Multitaking is probably the number one descriptive word for moms. We say we’re good at it but let’s be serious; how much quality can you put into something if you’re distracted by 3 other things. Make a schedule, allot a certain amount of time to a task and stick to it. I bet you’ll get those phone calls done faster if you knew the clock was ticking down.

Go Easy on Yourself
Moms are held up to a different standard. We are expected to accomplish everything on the list each day. If things get skipped oh well; there is always tomorrow. Get done what’s most important, the things that need the quickest attention but don’t sacrifice your family time and sanity for the things that can wait another day.

An Organized Environment leads to an Organized Mind
Ever look around a room and see so much stuff you don’t know what to do next. My kitchen is often the culprit of my anxiety. The dining table is the dumping ground for everything and the kids forget how to put dishes in the dishwasher. Staying on top of the tornadoes really helps keeping me relaxed and feeling less stressed. Find a place for everything even if it’s not the forever home.
Ways to Keep Your Cool
I’m am NO expert in any field but I think 15 years of parenting makes me knowledgeable in some matters. These tools sometimes work or sometimes don’t work or work in conjunction with tears, threat of bodily harm and bribes. Life is a series of experiments in trial and error.

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