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Random Thoughts Tuesday

I have not posted anything personal in a long time and thought these random thoughts would give you a glimpse into what has been going on in our lives.

  • Shaun chose Cub Scouts over football this year. (there is more to this story but that is for another post)
  • Sam (our lab/boxer mix) is taking training classes at Petsmart. Yesterday I took him to class and in my opinion it didn’t go well at all.
  • Shae is in ballet/tap and her first class was last week.
  • We lost our first fish on Saturday night. The fish tank is new and still cycling but I thought we were through the danger zone.
  • The fish we lost was a puffer name and Melinda named him Cheech since he was a puffer fish. Get it? LOL.
  • Sabreena is hanging out with senior boys. I am not excited about this at all.
  • I have a two day 175 mile MS Bike ride this weekend and I am not prepared at all.
  • Shaun is starting to enjoy reading.
  • We took Melinda’s pop pop out to breakfast this past Saturday and had a great visit even though the food sucked.
  • Our server at breakfast felt the need to show us his sons picture like we were regulars but this was our first time ever eating at this diner. He also started to tell us that he almost had a daughter until Melinda cut him off.

  • I Disclose