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Nothing Beats Face to Face

Today’s technology is crazy and I can remember the days of when you wanted to meet someone you needed to do it face to face but web conferencing has changed that thinking all together.

We can now have online meetings and host online events saving time and money. Today’s world is so fast paced that we are all about saving time and getting things done as quickly as we can but in my opinion nothing beats a good old fashion face to face meeting. People tend to be more comfortable in person and it is easier to relate to people in person where online seems so impersonal and cold. I do understand the need for online conferencing and I am not against it because I do understand that people may not be able to meet face to face.

Web conferencing vehicles like Skype have made keeping families connected easy as could be. It is handy for parents who travel, parents that may be overseas in the military or grandparents who just want to keep up with their grandkids developments.

Like I mentioned I understand the need for online meetings and conferences but in my opinion nothing can ever replaces that in person one on one meeting.

Do you prefer online meeting or in person meetings?

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  1. Georgia Carls says

    I will always prefer face to face meetings… Especially when it comes to my long distance love. It’s torturous…but what can you do right? I’m dealing, I’ll learn to live with it one day, until I can have him back with me again.

  2. Honestly, I like online meetings a bit more. I can work them more easily into my schedule, and having 2 kids at home most of the time I can schedule around naps instead of trying to find a sitter. For work it’s just easier.

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