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It’s Costume Time

It took many hours of intense thought and investigation but the decision has been made; the kids costumes are decided.
boys-kids-red-black-ninja-master-costumeI implored Shaun to NOT pick a costume that had a mask. We’ve done that in the past and it always ends with the mask in the bag because he can’t see well or it’s too hot. This year he chose a Ninja Master Costume. While it does has a mask it’s a half mask that shouldn’t inhibit his sight. The costume comes complete with shirt, pants, hood, leg guards, arm guards and over vest. The sword isn’t included but that is fine with me because I always end up carrying the accessories. Shaun is done, now it’s time to work on Shae.

Costume shopping this year can be easy with Wholesale Halloween Costumes. Whether you are buying 1 or 10 the shipping is fast and cheap. Up the cost $1 and get expedited shipping and delivery within 5 days. There is still plenty of time to order and receive your costume before Halloween.

A good tip is to check out the sale section and accessories section to get great deals on year round dress up supplies and costumes.

I found this ultra cute fairy costume for less than $20 and this Movie Clapper Board for less than $10. You don’t only have to buy costumes for Halloween,; these would be perfect for the kids when they put on shows in the house for rainy day entertainment.
If the choice is a Disney Princess costume, Green Lantern Costume or any other of the 100’s of selections you are bound to find just want the kids want at prices you can agree on. Have a safe and happy Halloween.

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