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Craftsman Guaranteed For Life!

I have used Craftsman tools my entire adult life and feel why should I use anything else since I already love the tools I am using. I recently received the Craftsman 19-piece inch and metric universal socket set and I have to say I am glad I received this to add to my already large collection.

One of the biggest reasons to use Craftsman tools is that they are guarantees forever meaning if you ever break a tool all you need to do it take it to a Sears store to have it replaced no questions asked. I will say though that I have never broken a Craftsman product which is a testament to the durability of Craftsman.

For those who love Craftsman as much as I do here is some additional information on the 19-piece inch and metric universal socket set:

  • Ratchet with quick-release button and 45-tooth ratcheting mechanism provides 8-degree ratcheting arc
  • Inch sizes: 1/4 thru 3/4-inch
  • Metric sizes: 8 thru 11, 13, 14, 16 thru 18 mm
Craftsman provides people with tools that they can use and pass down from generation to generation.  When I moved into my first apartment I remember my grandfather giving me Craftsman tools that he used and that I still use to this day which if you think about it is pretty cool.  I am hoping one day I am able to pass my tools down to Shaun for him to use.

Craftsman tools make the perfect gift so if you need a gift for someone this holiday season take a look at the Craftsman 19-piece inch and metric universal socket set or any tool for that matter.  I can guarantee you whoever you buy Craftsman for will be happy you did. Check out the Sears Holiday Tools Catalog online and at your nearest Sears store.

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