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Receipts, Recipes and More with Neat Receipts

Leafing through magazines, catalogs and cookbooks searching for that just right recipe, home décor ideas or gift for someone…This is how I’ve been spending my nights sitting on the sofa.
So now I have a stack of papers there is no way I can work from it. This is where The Neat Company steps in to get my clutter under control. Using their Intelligent Text Recognition the Neat software captures key information to streamline the filing process. This works great when it comes time to scan in medical documents, receipts for tax purposes and Sam’s vet bills and vaccination records.

Once scanned in, the documents are searchable by keyword because all printed text is captured. This works well when I’m looking for Sabreena’s grades from a particular teacher or subject. This season I’m using the Neat Receipts to keep track of our holiday shopping. Once we get home I submit the receipt right away and track what gifts are for what person. Not only does this help with tracking our spending it helps with knowing how much we are spending on each kid. No more surprises when it comes time to wrap presents.

The Neat Receipts portable scanner is helpful for more than just tracking receipts and business cards for the small business person. Crafts, recipes, toy instructions and holiday card lists are some of the other ways you can utilize this handy tool for the holidays this year. At just over a pound in weight it’s also something that you can toss into your laptop bag and take along with you on weekends away, big shopping trips or to cookie swaps. Shop today in time for the holidays.

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