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He’s not a little boy

When Sam came home on August 22nd he was little. I mean he’s a big dog but in comparison to his size today he was just a little thing. In less than 3 months he’s gained about 20lbs.

He thinks he’s little though. Rob gets down to his level and calls him over and Sam literally jumps in his lap and wraps his paws around his neck. It’s like they are long lost lovers and need to get in the last fleeting moments of affection. When I call him over to scratch his head he slowly slides his entire body onto the sofa and what was supposed to be a quick cuddle turns into a wrestling match so he doesn’t overtake the entire piece of furniture.

His young age is quite deceiving to us; especially me. When we take him anywhere in my minivan he has to sit all the way in the back, sort of the truck. But he’s still on the short side; too short to jump higher than the bumper to get in the car. Each time we go anywhere I have to lift him to get in the car; it amazes me how heavy he is. It’s an awkward and sloppy maneuver but we do it. Rob tries to weigh him on the scale but he’s too clumsy to stand on all fours in such a small spot. Soon we’re going to need to find one of those floor scales for sale just so I can keep track of his rapid weight gain.

The vet isn’t too sure how big he’s gonna get but it doesn’t matter; Sam thinks he’s a lap dog.

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