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My Girl Is About To Get Her Drive On

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Some of you might already know this and some of you may not but Melinda and I have a 15 year old daughter soon to be 16 in January. I know your first thought is they look way too young to have a 15 year old. Well in my head that is what I want your first thought to be. LOL.

Turning 16 in Delaware means you are now able to get your drivers permit where you are able to drive with adult supervision until you turn 16.5 then you can drive on your own. At the age of 16.5 is when I also need to add Sabreena to our current auto policy due to our insurance companies rules. Honestly I am not looking forward to that day at all considering we pay a fortune without having a teen on our policy but that is part of having kids unless we make her get her own auto policy which I doubt I will do.

A few weeks or so we were discussing what vehicle Sabreena will be driving once she is able to drive and most likely it will be my car which is an 07 Chevy HHR which will be a very dependable first car for her. Giving Sabreena my car means that I need to go out a look for a new car for myself and In Delaware there is a road I call auto alley because they have a ton of dealers like the Chrysler dealer, Jeep Dealer and a few more.

Recently I passed the Dodge dealer and spotted my next car which is the Dodge Challenger. I am not 100% certain that Melinda is going to approve of this as my new car but I hope so because that is one sweet ride. If I was to get the Challenger I want the V8 Hemi with 470 HP. Not sure why I even need a car with that much speed but I do just in case.

So needless to say the next six months or so is going to be a little stressful with Sabreena and teaching her how to drive and everything else that goes with having a teen driver in the house.

Do you have a teen driver? If so how bad is/was it when they started to drive?

I Disclose

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  1. Not really a family car, Rob:) But, you work hard, so I’m going to say you deserve it.

  2. I’m not looking forward to those days. I always think of the commercial with the young girl in the drivers seat and then she’s a teen. I’m going to go nuts.

    • It is hard to imagine Sabreena driving but I really don’t have a choice. She is getting older. UGH!

  3. Oh my gosh, that Challenger is a dream! I’m a girl who loves cars! Here in MN kids get their permits when they turn 15. So crazy!! Have fun car shopping!

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