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Adobe and I Are Best Friends

About a month ago I bought a new laptop which is the computer I use when I work from home but I still haven’t installed Acrobat CreatePDF on it as of yet and I am not sure why.

It seems like every time I work from home my boss asks for something in PDF format which I was able to do with my old laptop because I had a pdf converter installed but currently I am unable to do it until I get it installed on my new laptop.  I know what you are thinking you want to know why I don’t just take the ten to twenty minutes that it will take to install it and to be honest I have no answer for you.  I have been extremely busy in the office as well as at home and in the last month or so I haven’t worked from home at all so there has been no urgency on my part to get the pdf converter installed.

I wonder if my boss has a pdf converter because she is always asking me to convert the documents she needs.  Either way I need to get on it ASAP before the New Year so if and when I do work from home the next time I will be prepared.

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