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How Long Could You Survive?

A few years back I worked with a guy who kept a lot of freeze dried food on hand for that just in case moment.  He was Mormon and told me it was necessary for him to keep about 6 months of food on hand for emergency preparedness and at the time I thought that was weird.

Thinking back I can understand why he wanted to be self sufficient when it came to food but he must have had a huge food storage area.  Melinda always laughs at me for keeping extra food on hand.  Don’t get me wrong we don’t have 6 months worth of food but we could probably go about a month.  If we have four jars of spaghetti sauce in our pantry and we use one or two the next time I go shopping I make sure to replenish our sauce supply.

I know that is weird but there is nothing worse than using the last of an item and not having another one just in case.  I like going to the grocery store once a week so I guess being so nuts about our food allows us to do that.  I am not sure where I got this trait from because my parents are like that but I am and we even have a chest freezer that we fill with bulk items from our local BJ’s wholesale club.

Maybe I am nuts but I like knowing that I have extra food on hand just in case I need it.

Do you keep extra food on hand?  If so how long could you live off of your food supply?

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