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Start the New Year with a New You

Let go of the baggage
Stop holding onto old grudges. Stop holding onto those hurt feelings. It’s time to say goodbye to the resentment and move along with an open and forgiving heart. It’s easier said than done but the anger will just add stress to your already busy and hectic life. Free yourself from the baggage, it will only hold you back from true happiness.
life is too short, no regrets,

Surround Yourself with Support
Everyone has something to say about something. Who cares what that homeroom mother thinks about your homemade thumbprint cookies? Who cares what Aunt Ethel thinks about YOUR daughter’s shoe choice? None of these opinions matter to your life so own your decisions, stand by them and be happy with your own life and how you live it. Those who matter don’t mind and those that mind don’t matter….Dr Suess.

Love Yourself
No one is going to love you more than you love yourself. The self-deprecating attitude and comments will only make others see you that way. We’ve all gone through physical and emotional changes, these changes make us who we are. Those couple extra wrinkles are just evidence of the life you’ve lived don’t cover it up, don’t hid it, show off your battle scars and love them and everyone else will.

Smile More
A broken toy, a lost pair of sunglasses or a ruined meal . These are all things that could set someone off after an already frustrating day. Brush off the little things, the things you can’t control. Take a breathe and think of the big picture; is that mishap really going to affect your life after the next few minutes.

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