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Keep Your Computer Safe With McAfee

Protecting your computer is essential from cyber attacks and surfing the internet unprotected is a no no so if you are looking for full computer protection give McAfee Total Protection a try. Recently we had the opportunity to review McAfee Total Protection and so far I am very happy with this product.

Many people spend a lot of time searching for the best tech deals when they buy a computer, but often give security little thought.

Over the years I have tried just about every Anti-Virus software that has been on the market and I am being honest when I say that McAfee is the most versatile by far.

McAfee Total Protection provides a TON of features and benefits such as:

  • Wireless network protect – McAfee Home Network Defense allows you to share your wireless network with others but allows you to block them from seeing passwords and personal files on your PC.
  • Parental Controls – Allows you to limit online time as well as lets you use age based rules and adjustable categories so that you can block inappropriate sites.
  • Protects against Viruses and Malware – provides complete Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, and Anti-Malware protection along with real time safeguards as well as a two way firewall to provide an extra layer of security.

A few new features that I think are really cool are:

  • USB and Removable Drive Scan – Scans these devices for viruses and stops them before they get transferred to your computer.
  • Pre-Install Scan – This may be one of the features I love best. A lot of people get an Anti-Virus program once their computer already has a virus so this feature works to remove infections while the software is being installed.

There are so many features that if I described them all here it would be a three hour blog post. To read about all of the features as well as system requirements click HERE!!!!!

We have been using McAfee Total Protection for about a month or so on all four of our laptops and have had zero viruses. Even Melinda who with our old Anti-Virus program seemed to get a new virus every month has been 100% virus free and the kid’s laptop has been clean as well.

If you are in need of an Anit-Virus program be sure to check out McAfee Total Protection.

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  1. A good anti-virus is a must!

  2. Rachel @ Following In My Shoes says

    As someone who lost EVERYTHING (including all the photos of my newborn son) last year, I can’t stress anti-virus protection enough! McAfee is a good one and I like the ability to scan your USB devices.

  3. That looks like a great anti-virus program. We are always interested in learning about the best programs out there and have used McAfee in the past and liked it. Glad to hear you liked it as well.

  4. I believe in always using anti-virus programs too! I like the scan for the removable drives.

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