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Shae and Technology

Yes that is Shae below playing on a laptop at the age of four.

I know this isn’t anything special or new but when I watch her play on the computer, iPad or our phones I am still in amazement a little bit.  She is four and can play these devices like a pro.  I watched her play the computer last night and watched how she was able to use the touch pad on the laptop to control her game and I was amazed at how well she did.  I remember when Sabreena was four she used to play the computer a little but she was more into coloring, drawing and playing with dolls and stuff like that.

I guess I am just getting old but kids have come a long way and technology pushes children to learn how to use these devices at such an early age.  Not saying it is a good or bad thing. I am just saying this seems to be the way of the world right now.

Do you have kids who have seemed to master electronics already at a young age?

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