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The Band Shinedown On Bullying

Shinedown is one on my favorite bands and to most their music is a little on the hard side but they just released a single called “Bully”. Like I mentioned I love Shinedown but I didn’t see them as an inspirational band who would write a song on a cause like this but I think it’s AWESOME.  Thankfully Melinda and  I were never bullied nor have our kids which trust me I am truly grateful for.  I feel for kids who are bullied.  Actually it breaks my heart and as a grown man it upsets me when I see or hear stores about it.  To me it’s hard to understand what makes people bully others because that just isn’t in my DNA.  I dont think kids and adults for that matter think about the people that they are bulling.  They are people with real feeling and being bulling just pushes people to do stuff they wouldn’t normally do like act out against others or even commit suicide.  It is a sad situation for all people involved.

Check out Shinedown’s video “Bully” below.  The first time I listened to it is choked me up.

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