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DIY Handmade Coasters

For some reason we go through a lot of coasters. We either by crappy ones that get moldy or don’t keep the water off the table or they break or we lose them. Over the last 10 years we gone through dozens easily. I made a couple trips to home stores looking for new coasters and couldn’t figure out why they cost over $10 for just a set of 4 ugly ones. NO way was I spending that much just to hold my cup. I knew there was a way to make my own. Off to Pinterest I went. I went over a few different tutorials and come up with these.

Here is how I made them.
4-6 plain white (or cream) glossy tiles found in Home Depot, $.19 each
2 sheets of patterned scrapbook paper, $.40 each
Felt pads or sheets of felt, already owned
Mod Podge, already owned it
Foam brush, already owned it.
Polyurethane spray, $7 from craft store

Cover your work area with a drop cloth or newspaper. Measure and cut your sheets of paper to fit just inside your tiles. I like mine slightly smaller than the tile to give it a border.

Smear light coating of ModPodge on tile and place a cut piece of paper and quickly center it. Gently smooth it out so there are no air bubbles, wrinkles, creases and so that all edges are sticking. Set aside for a few minutes to dry. Repeat this step on your other tiles.
craft prep, making coasters from tiles, using tiles and scrap paper for coasters
Once the paper is set into place apply another coating of ModPodge ON the paper. I like to cover it completely in one direction then another coating in the other direction. Set aside and continue working on other tiles. After 20-30 minutes apply another coating, this time just paint in one direction and take measures to apply it more smoothly, avoiding lines. Continue with the rest of the tiles.
applying modpodge to tiles, making coasters from tiles
Apply about 4-6 coats of ModPodge, let completely dry overnight and then finish with a glossy Polyurethane spray. Let dry overnight again, apply felt sheets or pads to the bottom and your coasters are ready to use!
handmade coasters, diy coasters from tiles.
I only made 4 because I doubted they would actually turn out. I was wrong and now I need to make 2 more for me and 6 for my best friend to match her bright new living room.

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