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Heavy Workload

Sabreena is working on her Junior year class schedule. This is what it’s looking like
AP English & Composition
Honors Pre-Calculus
Honors Chemistry
AP Biology
AP United States History
Honors Spanish IV
Drafting and Design CAD II
Art Fundamentals
heavy school workload
This is a full workload with no room for rest. If she were to drop the Art and extra Science she could take on different fluff classes like Study Hall, Food Prep or Wardrobe Planning. Yes Wardrobe Planning is an option at this school but there are no Computer Science courses available. She’s looking at a career in Engineering possible Architecture so I think too many fluff classes are going to hurt her in the end.

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  1. I actually think wardrobe planning could be useful/fun. I sure could have used it..LOL. Plus could it help with dressing for interviews, work, etc?? With the way kids dress these days maybe the school did a good thing with having a wardrobe planning class.

  2. Eesh, that’s tough. My kids worked their butts off for the first three years and then in their senior year, they had room to take a fun one. He took film appreciation and she took art.

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