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Everyone Could Use A Hand

These days we are living longer than we were ten to twenty years ago and we are seeing a lot more people using in home care more than ever.

I am not really sure what the average life expectancy is these days but I know my grandparent are in their 80’s and so is Melinda’s grandfather.  As people and parents get older they are more interested in home health care and I can understand why they are.  Elderly people need assistance with every day life like getting dressed, eating and taking daily medication.  As you get older you aren’t able to get around as well as you did in the past so having a healthcare professional come to you seems to make perfect sense.  Another reason is people tend to be more comfortable in their own home and if you are able to get someone to come to you that is a really cool thing.

I am seeing a lot of places that are now offering more than just in home health care.  They are helping with daily tasks such as preparing meals, running errands, opening mail, caring for the pets and are even providing companionship and conversation.  I really like the companionship option because if you are elderly and alone you would really benefit from this type of service.

Melinda’s grandfather for instance would really benefit from a companionship service as his wife passed away over two years ago and is lonely and rightfully so.  When you have someone in your life for fifty to sixty years and then you are alone that is a real shock to your system and could really just use someone to talk to.  Unfortunately family isn’t always available so it is nice to have this kids of service available.  

Home health care isn’t only for elderly people it is also being used more by expecting and new parents.  Having a new born is stressful and a TON of work and parents just need an extra hand around the house with various chores and baby duty so they are tapping into these kinds of services that are now offered. 

What are your thoughts on these kinds of services?  Do you feel old and young could benefit from them?

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