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Experience with Emerilware Cookware

Rob and I don’t typically celebrate Valentine’s Day so when the conversation came up what I wanted I said nothing; in fact just last week we had a mini shopping spree for new kitchen “stuff”. I said I got all my gifts last week, I know I know so very un-romantic but it’s what I really wanted.

Apparently we are really tough on our skillets and sauté pans so we upgraded to Emerilware Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware. We purchased a 10-piece set, the double burner griddle and received a 12” skillet for free (in-store special). I like little touches like the pour spouts on the saucepans. Rob instantly mentioned the mess we make when pouring the caramel sauce for monkey bread, it goes everywhere. The straining lids are a great touch too for those times when you just need to drain and put right back into the pan.
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We had some problems with lids being bent right out of the box but Bed Bath and Beyond handled it without issue and gave us new lids.
So far I’ve been really impressed with the quality and non-stickness of these pans. We eat a lot of egg whites hate to add excess fat to the pan, I find that the finish on these pans allow for none to very little oil or butter.
If you’re in the market for new pots and pans and the thought of stainless steel scares you like it does me then this is a great set that doesn’t have to set you back a mortgage payment. Cleaning is easy and the trick to keeping them in good condition is starting off with low to medium heat instead of cranking it on high.

I think this good experience would guide me to other Emeril products like the Stainless Steel Fryer or Bread Maker.

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