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Is Eating At McDonald’s Really Fiscally Responsible?

Wednesday night Shaun and I went to the men’s basketball game at the University of Delaware and had a great time but I heard one thing while we were at the game that really bothered me.

There was a lady next to me with her daughter who was about four and her son who was Shaun’s age so he was around eight. I saw the daughter eating some form of candy and sharing it with her brother. What was disturbing about this scene was the son asked his mother if she could buy another bag of candy for him and the mother was complaining about the $1.75 price and had the nerve to say that she wasn’t being fiscally responsible. The reason I say this is because in the next breath she told her kids buying a $1.99 happy meal from McDonald’s was fiscally responsible because they could get more food for their money where with the candy they only got a small portion.

Now I am from the school of getting the most bang for your buck. I get duped every time Melinda and I go to the movies because the different between a small, medium and large drink and popcorn is only about 50 cents so I always go for the large. So based on this I agree you should try to get the most bang for your buck but even though McDonald’s may be fiscally responsible is that being health responsible? I think NOT!!!!!!! I think we are in a bad place when we use McDonald’s as our example of being fiscally responsible. Why not something a little healthier like Sub Way or something along those lines.

Don’t get me wrong I am not the best eater at times but we don’t eat at place like McDonald’s or Burger King and I would never tell my kids we weren’t being fiscally responsible because we weren’t eating there.

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  1. I’m the first to admit that I partake in the occasional Happy Meal for myself but to try to tell myself it is fiscally responsible is ludicrous. I could get a bowl of fresh fruit at the grocery store for a dollar more, that seems like the responsible way to go.

    I love when moments like that fall into my lap though. I’m thinking if I hang out at the local hockey rink enough, I’d probably have enough parents material for years, lol.


  2. Kim @ What' That Smell? says

    Holy crap!

    McDonald’s is NOT in any way fiscally responsible, or any form of responsible. Buying chemical laden processed “food product” because it costs less money at that moment is potentially affecting their health for the rest of their lives. I heard that when fast food and processed food started to ome more prevalent, the amount of money we spent on health care went up by the same % the food went down – so we spent the same but instead of speding our money on yummy REAL food, we spend it on medicine and other things to fix what the crappy food is doing to our bodies.

    It is one thing to eat at these places because you are lazy or unmotivated to it right, but another to teach your kids that it is wise to eat at McDonald’s because of the cost of the “food” is irresponsible in so many ways.
    I totally agree with you!

  3. She was technically correct but eating at Mcdonalds is a bad choice. I think everything in moderation but once you start that it’s hard to say no. Now I want a Big Mac.

  4. I couldn’t agree more! I think our standards in quality have dropped tremendously. 🙁 Love your blog and thanks for the giveaway linky!

  5. Ron Manila says

    It’s funny reading this post because I feel the same way as you. But when i took my daughter to get her flu shot back in November I saw a brochure in the waiting room that said, McDonald’s was actually a good source of food. IF you get them a happy meal with white milk, and Apples and the nuggets were good. Because it is made with white meat and fried in 100% fat free oil. So I’m a little confused.

  6. Hussein @ Superior Vision says

    Balanced food is essential for our children and their health, it’s the media and the blindness of parent are the main reasons that most children love McDonald’s, they are professionals in marketing , they have their own way to market and it is studied in high schools.

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