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My Kids Love Crafts

In our house crafts are done almost daily and it feels like our house is filled with tons of craft supplies for kids. I am always coming home to new things hanging on the wall or from the light over the kitchen table.

The other day Melinda was serching online for craft deals and luckly found Factory Direct Craft and took advantage of their great prices and stocked up on craft supplies for a few projects that she wants to work on with Shae. Their selection of craft supplies for kids is crazy and I am amazed that you can find just about anything you need for that special project.

I like when Melinda and Shae do crafts because she is so excited and proud of her work and she loves showing me her final product when I walk through the door. I love looking around the kitchen and seeing all of Shae’s art work displayed. I can remember when Shaun and Sabreena were younger and were always doing crafts.  They used to love doing crafts and were so proud of their work just like Shae is now.

Kids love crafts and I am glad Shae enjoys it because I enjoy seeing it around the house.

Do your kids love to do crafts? Mine do.

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