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Any Thoughts About Online Dating?

More and more people are meeting the person of their dreams online via dating websites. I remember when this form of dating first started and I thought to myself there was no way this would ever last but I was clearly wrong. I remember when was the big place to go but now you are seeing so many different dating sites online from to

Today you see ads in many different forms advertising dating all over the world not just the US. I receive emails all the time in my spam folder for singles in London as well as many other counties. Dating in London, the US as well as all over the word has turned to online.

What happened to meeting people the good old fashion way like at work, a bar or being set up on a blind date? Guess these forms aren’t as popular as they once were but I have a hard time wrapping my head around meeting someone online. Melinda and I met the old fashion way; at a brew pub in Delaware where we got to speak face to face and got to know each other. I like the face to face interaction when you first meet someone in person but I do understand weeding out people who do not interest you online.

There is no right or wrong way on how people should meet and it is all personal preference but my preference is in person face to face.

How did you meet your significant other? Do you have a preference on how you would/would’ve liked to meet your mate?

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