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Energy Sucks!

I am not sure about everyone else but the economy is supposedly making a comeback but I am still waiting for that memo because I still have received it.

Money is tight and energy costs are higher than ever. Just this morning I went to fill my car up and gas was $3.82 per gallon and I know that isn’t as expensive as some places like California but to me that is ridiculous. I feel bad for people who heat their house with heating oil because they must get killed ever winter with these crazy oil prices. The only savior may be that this winter was kind of mild so maybe energy costs weren’t over the top expensive for a lot of people.

I feel like gas and electric is a monopoly but we as consumers do have a little say in where we get our energy from. You can compare gas and electricity prices from sites such as money supermarket that try to help people find the best deal on energy.

I never think to compare energy costs because in Delaware our gas and electric supplier is DelMarva and currently they are it. Right now I have no other options but that isn’t the case for everyone. It only takes a few minutes to search for other gas and electric providers and it is free to do so what is the harm especially if you can save a few bucks in this economy.

Do you have energy choices where you live?

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