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If You Had 3 Minutes

mulitasking mom, multitasking woman, if mom had 3 minutesI thought about naming this blog Multi-Tasking Mom or If I Only Had One More Hour or Where Did The Time Go. All the titles seem to represent the same idea, I’m always doing something, usually with not enough time to get the things done.

Clorox and Karen Kaufman Orloff, author of the children’s book If Mom Had Three Arms, are creating a fun and practical e-book called If Mom Had Three Minutes with tips for moms on how to accomplish in three minutes what others can’t accomplish in 30!

Clorox wants to hear about the time-saving secrets of motherhood from veteran moms, which will serve as inspiration for the book. Your readers can visit the Clorox Facebook Page and check out the If Mom Had Three Minutes tab to:

  • Share their time-saving tips for moms
  • Learn how other moms conquer time scarcity

Their tips will serve as inspiration for the official e-book when it is released in May 2012. Since cleaning ranked as the top chore women wanted to eliminate from their to-do list, the e-book will include solutions for how to accomplish more in less time when it comes to housework!

This information was provided by Ketchum on behalf of Clorox.