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Shaun May Need A New Bed

Ever since we gave Shae bunk beds Shaun has asked to sleep in her room. If Shae sleeps on the bottom bunk Shaun wants to be on the top bunk and if Shae sleeps on the top bunk Shaun wants the bottom bunk. It’s driving Melinda and I insane so I told her maybe we need to get Shaun a futon bunk bed for his room.

Shaun’s room isn’t really that big so a futon bunk bed would work perfect in my opinion. Shaun could sleep on the top at night and use the futon on the bottom during the day while watching TV and playing Xbox. Shaun and Sabreena spend a lot of time in his room on the weekend playing Skyrim on Xbox and Shaun and Shae seem to be in his room a lot watching TV so the bottom futon would get a ton of use for sure.

What I like most is the top is a twin side bed and the bottom converts into a full size bed so like I said during the day it can be used as a futon and at night a full time bed if needed. I like this idea because when Shaun has friends sleep over they will have a place to sleep and I won’t have to break out the HUGE queen size air mattress.

The only thing holding me back right now is the price but quality furniture will last so this would be a bed Shaun would have for a long time. The bunk bed that Shae currently sleeps in was once Sabreena’s when she was 5 and now she is 16 so it is 11 years old so I know getting one for Shaun would be a good investment and would be around for a long time.

Guess we need to stop eating out and start saving for this bed. LOL.

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