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How Do You Use Your Computer?

As bloggers our computers tend to be either desktops or laptops or maybe both and are our life line. Most if not all of us wouldn’t be able to work or live without them or so we think, LOL. If you sit back and think about your computer usage how do you really use it on a daily basis? Do you use it strictly for pleasure like blogging and surfing the interest or do you use it more for work purposes?

My laptop usage is 50/50. Fifty percent personal and fifty percent work related.

For me I use a few things every single day regardless if I am at home or at work. I use Word Press for our blog, Twitter, Facebook, Email and Microsoft Excel for spreadsheets. Not only do I use Excel at home a lot but I also use Excel a TON at work and thankfully I have taken a few Excel classes throughout the years because now I feel like I am very knowledgeable with it which allows me to use it for more blog related things. I do also use Word a lot at home for writing blog posts because even though I have the ability to write them in Word Press directly I still like using Word for some reason, maybe it’s a comfort thing who knows. I do also use iTunes a good amount at home to store all of my music and movies.  I also use my laptop for surfing the internet, reading news and for reading other blogs becasue what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t use my computer to read other blogs.

So as you can see I am not really using my computer for any hard core calculations or world problem solving but without my laptop I would be lost for sure because my laptops gets used every single day.

What do you use your laptop/desktop for on a daily basis?

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