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Are Dad’s Able?

Sabreena has a school trip next weekend to Dover, Delaware for government that requires her to have some business casual clothes which she doesn’t.  For the last few weeks Melinda has been taking Sabreena to different stores looking for dress pants and other items but has  been coming up empty and we are now running out of time.

Since the trip is almost here and Melinda is going to be busy this Saturday watching her best friends children for the afternoon and I have ZERO plans I offered to take Sabreena clothes shopping.  Sabreena is 16 and a female and I am her dad and I offered to take her shopping.  HAHA, I am in big trouble because I don’t think Melinda trusts me to buy clothes that match or make fashion sense.  I feel shorts and a t-shirt are fashion appropriate for any trip to Dover, Delaware, kidding.

I am somewhat capable of picking clothes for the kids.  Just this week I got Shaun and Shae summer clothers online from Old Navy and Children’s Place.  Granted they are 4 and 8 years old but is the process really that different for a 16 year old?  I think HELL YEAH!!!!!

I used to always pick clothes for Sabreena but that probably was only until she hit the age of 10 or 12 then Melinda assumed full control of her clothing purchases.  I have actually taken Sabreena clothes shopping once about a year ago for sweaters and to honest it was pretty painless.  I do know that she is super SLOW in the dressing room and there is going to be a lot of trying on clothes this Saturday but as long as my iPhone is fully charged I should be just fine, I hope!

Please pray for me that I pick the right items so that Melinda doesn’t hurt me, LOL.

If you are a man do you shop for your daughter/daughter’s?  If you are a women do you let/trust your husband to shop for your daughter/daughter’s?

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