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My Kids Love Playing Dress Up

I came home from work one day last week and I saw a ninja in my front yard fighting with one of the neighborhood kids. After a closer look I realized it was just Shaun wearing his Halloween costume play fighting and making videos with one of his friends.

Shaun and Shae dress up all of the time and I even had to make a dress up storage area for Shae so that she could store all of her shoes, hats, princess outfits, etc. She has a TON of dress up stuff that we have accumulated and still seem to be accumulating to this day.

Sometimes Melinda and I will buy costumes and dress up items even when it isn’t Halloween for the kids because they enjoy playing dress up that much. Last week I stumbled upon a place called Fancy Dress Ball and let me tell you they have so many children’s outfits to choose from. Shaun even at eight soon to be nine years old likes to dress up in army and ninja outfits while Shae LOVES to dress up like a princess. It is funny because at any random moment Shae will come downstairs dressed up in some kind of outfit.

I like that our kids use their imaginations and dress up and pretend to be someone else for a while because they appear to be having so much fun. Maybe I need to do the same every once in a while.

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