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Ball Park Hot Dogs, Facebook, men easier fed than understoodMen. Easier Fed than Understood has been a brought to you by Ball Park to share the quirky and humorous behaviors that happen when guys get together. Whether it’s the overworked and tacky man caves or the insulting and inappropriate trash talk held the grill, Ball Park wants to celebrate it.

Food brings everyone together. When Rob goes out to meet friends it’s often over a drink and some food. When we hang out with friends the guys are often found arranged neatly around the food table for quick access to their personal favorites. The kids top choice for a fun time spent together is heading to one of our favorite restaurants to indulge on things this momma doesn’t make at home.

Did you ever wonder what guys really talk about when they get together? Have you ever walked in on a full blown guy convo to just turn around, walk away and wonder, “what in the world were they talking about “? Technology, sports and politics are lost on me. Rob likes to talk about sports but I’m often the only one close enough to listen. I smile and nod and he appreciates it.

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Tell me all about the fun, mysterious or weird behaviors, habits or conversations that go on around the guys in your life for a chance to win (3) full value coupons for any Ball Park product (up to $5.99 value). Each comment/story/share will be a valid entry to win.

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I Disclose

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  1. I can never understand how easily my husband falls asleep. He can fall asleep mid-conversation or as soon as his head hits the pillow…I’ve even seen him sleep standing up! He’s actually started to give me 20 minutes in bed before he comes in (so I can try to sleep before he starts snoring) and I usually hear him snoring on the couch within 5 minutes-lol!

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  6. I have a brother that’s the biggest night owl ever LOL! I swear he subsists only on Nachos and video games outside of working full-time I honestly don’t know how he does it 🙂

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  8. My daughter and son-in-law are due with a baby in June. They have agreed to let me know what the gender is and keep it a secret from them. We will reveal the gender during the baby shower in April. My son-in-law is getting impatient. He sent a text to my hubby stating ” to my favorite Father-in-law, I will buy you your most favorite bottle of scotch if you tell me what my baby will be.” my husband sent a text back “what baby?” lol!

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  14. Richard P says

    My friends and I will talk, argue and yell about anything. But none of us has even a remote interest in talking about feelings. It’s mutually agreed upon that we have feelings…and they belong OUTSIDE THE GROUP. We like it that way and moreover we do not understand why anyone EVER wants to talk about how they ‘feel’. It’s wasted energy. Never once has focusing on your emotions ever accomplished anything or led to a solution. Our concerns are goals and the ways to best achieve them quickly. Feelings…the fastets way to get bogged down. I’ve never been on a single job site where discussing how you ‘felt’ could do anything more than hamper you. Suck it up and get back to work. Give me a group of smart guys who want to debate sex politics or religion and we can go all night. Start to talk about your ‘feelings’ and at best, we will all find a way to quietly shun you within the group. At worst. we will openly mock you incessantly so you will never do it again. (Members are still mocked for things they said in high school, 20+ years ago.)

    It may not be a very popular perspective to have these days, but we get WAY more done than most people.

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  20. Kimberly says

    My husband will make grunting noises when he is with his friends. He thinks he is Tim the Tool Man Taylor from Home Improvement.

  21. Kimberly says

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  24. Richard P says
  25. I always laugh when I hear the (grown) boys talking video games. They get so into it!

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  28. Richard P says
  29. My husband like to watch the game on tv while looking up other games and statistics on his computer.

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  31. Stacey B says

    My hubby has conversations with himself while watching sports. Makes varous comments and such. I find it pretty funny

  32. I’ll never understand hubby’s need to tell me every woman he finds attractive from movie stars to co-workers to the check out girl

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  37. crystle tellerday says

    the guys in my life are crazy

  38. Just the norm—-girls, beer, trucks, guns, sports, and farting.
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  41. Janna Johnson says

    my hubs laughs in his sleep!
    Fab giveaway! thanks again! Janna Johnson
    janna @ feedyourpig on gfc

  42. I don’t get the obsession with sports.

  43. Teresa Young says

    My husband and sons try to have a conversation while watching TV – but they don’t pay any attention to each other. One will ask a question…moments go by as they watch the show…then someone says ‘what?’…repeat all afternoon…argh!
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  48. Carol W says

    For one week each summer my husband, father, brothers and brothers-in law go away on a fishing trip. For the entire next month all of us girls have to hear the stories over and over again about who caught the biggest fish, who did the dumest thing, jokes that they played on each other and so on and so on and so on. But really I am glad that we are a family that gets along well and I am glad they have so much fun.
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  55. susan varney says

    they always play around alot mverno@roadrunner.com

  56. Teresa Young says
  57. Both my husband and my son shower a lot! Usually twice a day. Needless to say we go thru a lot of soap and shampoo, and hot water! I don’t know what they’re doing in there (don’t really wanna know! lol), but I can tell you one thing…they are clean!

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  61. My hubby and his 2 brothers all have names that begin with J. Whenever they are all together they call each other “J” so I never know who is talking to who and usually end up telling them just let me know when you need me because I can’t follow their conversations.

  62. katherine d. says

    My male friends talk about the stupid moves they try to put on women and how horribly wrong they go

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  64. Teresa Young says
  65. Caryn S says

    I can’t figure out how my husband can come home from work, raid the pantry and then eat a full dinner

  66. Caryn S says

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  67. Teresa Young says
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  69. Diane Baum says

    My huby can take what he calls a “sugar” he takes a 3 minute nap and then wakes up totally refreshed and ready to go. I don’t know why he calls it a sugar!

  70. My hubby is a solitaire addict. Has little rituals surrounding it too

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  72. Kyl Neusch says

    has lots of snacks then eats a full meal

  73. Kyl Neusch says

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  74. They talk about gross things at the table.

  75. Brittney House says

    When watching the game at home my husband always has to watch it in his underwear. He says thats when he feels most comfortable.

  76. Brittney House says

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  77. Linda Lansford says

    The guys grap hotdogs when I don’t cook

  78. Linda Lansford says

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  79. Erica C. says

    My boyfriend hardly talks when he’s hungry. As soon as he has food, he’s back to his happy self!

  80. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    i am always amazed how hubby can get up from one meal and be thinking about the next
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  81. Richard P says
  82. fun, mysterious, and weird, you definitely described my guy!

  83. Rebecca Peters says

    Guys will eat pretty much anything.. it kinda amazes me

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  87. Ed Nemmers says

    Guys will eat cold pizza for breakfast!

  88. melissa Resnick says

    lol you really dont want to know considering they are all plumbers

  89. Teresa Young says
  90. My dad eats dinner and then falls asleep immediately afterwards. I don’t know how he does it!

  91. If you walk into a room and the conversation is semi-loud and involving sports, it is likely they were talking about women and switched the subject when they knew you were approaching. The same way women probably don’t want us to know what they are talking about, the same applies to men.

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  97. Teresa Young says
  98. my observation is how unobservant they are. I realize they’re wired differently where they get tunnel vision.

  99. amy deeter says

    my husband shows off some around his guy friends

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  106. Kimberly says

    My husband has gained a bit of weight since we’ve been together. He really wants to get healthy. I just had a baby, so I figured we could get in shape together. While we were talking about healthy dinners and our goals, I realized we had pretty different visions. Instead of having a goal weight or physical accomplishment he wanted to reach, all he had considered was how many hot wings he was going to eat on his birthday as a reward.

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  110. Richard P says
  111. Kristen says

    My bf’s old housemates were geeks right out of “The Big Bang Theory” and had their friends over to play role playing games every week!!

  112. Kristen says

    My bf’s old housemates were geeks right out of “The Big Bang Theory” and had their friends over to play role playing games every week!!

  113. Kristen says

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  115. Claire says

    anything about sports goes totally over my head. lol

  116. Melanie Montgomery says

    My hubby hates to sit and eat, instead he stands and scarfs his food like someone is going to take it away from him…haha.

  117. Claire says

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  119. Gianna says

    I heard my son talking to his butt the other day, he told it to be quiet LOL.

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  122. Lisa L says

    I don’t understand how my husband doesn’t have time to watch the kids or wash dishes but has time to watch TV and play video games *rolls eyes*

  123. Lisa L says

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  125. Ann Council says

    Seventeen year old guys will eat you out of house abd home. They did me.

  126. Holly Oehrlein says

    I don’t understand the fascination with burping words!

  127. I don’t understand fantasy football… why do guys obsess over an imaginary team?

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  130. Roxann says

    When my 2 oldest sons play video games and talk about them afterward it sounds like they are speaking a foreign language.

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  134. Deborah Wallin says

    My three sons are all addicted to their XBox and PlayStation gaming systems.

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