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Tattoos, The Good and The Bad

Rob and I have been talking about tattoos lately. He’s been wanting something new, something that represents the kids. He’s decided on portraits, now we just have to figure out where to put them.
While doing research on tattoos you can only guess what we found, some of the most absolutely stupid, poorly done, hysterically funny and beautifully designed tattoos.

Decide for yourself.

lock and key tattoo, pretty tattoo, best and worst tattoo designs

not my style but very very pretty and girly

what a shame, wouldn't you do your research before letting someone do a portrait

realistic tattoo, spider tattoo,

creepy but so realistic

monkey tattoo, butthole tattoo, belly button tattoo

too funny for words

this is something Rob would love

dandelion wishes, pretty tattoo

this is something I would actually get, been thinking about it

misspelled tattoo, worst tattoo

how dumb would you AND your tattoo artist have to be

which is worse the has been celebrity or the horrible work

all of these images were found on Google Images

I Disclose


  1. I use to want a tattoo SO badly. Now I’m so glad I never got one. I don’t judge those that have them and actually get irritated by people that do but for my own skin I’m glad it’s still virgin.

    • I agree. I think back to when I almost got one and I would’ve totally regretted it today. I kinda want one still but am nervous about how i’ll feel about it 10 years from now.

  2. April C. says

    That spider is the best I’ve seen!

  3. I LOL’d at the backstreet boy one! I have 10 tattoos and regret none of them. I still want one more. All of mine are personal to me, and only 2 are visible if I allow them to be (well, 3 technically I guess). I still want one more. But you’re absolutely right, do your research!

    • I love tattoos but am just to scared to commit. IF i were ever to get one it would be something related to my kids. The dandelion is something I’m thinking about, my wishes for my kids. Or dandelion wishes in a bottle.

  4. My daughter got one almost 2 yrs ago and I’m thinking about getting one. I’ve already asked her to design it! I’m really excited!!

  5. I have one and love it. I’ve had it for over a decade, no regrets. My husband used to NOT like tattoos… but lately he’s been doing his research. And I’ve been contemplating a second. But it’s very hard to commit – you want it to be just right if it’s on you forever. And I like originality. Don’t want to see the same tattoo on every person.

    That said, I am not pushing for Kevin to get a tattoo. Because right now it’s a mommy thing … and I want my boys to have pure, beautiful, untainted skin forever. LOL. If Kevin gets one, the boys will think they can get one too.

  6. nannypanpan says

    i totally agree with doing research..some of those portraits look bad!

  7. I am 41 and just got my first one a couple weeks ago and it’s not the one I have wanted for a very long time but it is one that I have wanted for a year or so. I actually want the Twin Towers wrapped in an American Flag on my shoulder but you are talking some big bucks. You can see the one that I got on my back just below my neck.(it’s only about 4 1/2 inches wide) at

  8. Oh, and I love the Dandelion dust. Have you ever seen the movie? If not, you should watch it and read the book, they are a bit different.

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