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Spring = Revamped Backyard

The weather this week in Delaware is going to be in the high 60’s low 70’s and it has me thinking about spring big time. I am so glad that we dodged the snow and I am really looking forward to warmer weather for sure. The only thing is when I think spring I think house work more specifically yard work and this year I am looking to make a few nice changes in our back yard.

Our deck is about ten to twelve years old and needs some repair but I am wondering if I should just replace the deck and be done with it. I recently started looking at composite decking prices and even though it’s a little higher than traditional wood I think composite decking looks a lot nicer than wood plus it will last a lot longer than wood. Funny thing with me is once I start on a project I want to revamp the entire yard and not over tine either because I hate having one thing that looks new and the rest of the yard looks beat up. So while I was looking at composite decking I also researched composite fencing prices and composite railing prices. Our fence is a split rail fence that is probably as old as the deck which makes sense because they were probably all installed when the house was built. Currently we have a three foot fence but I would really love a six foot privacy fence as long as our home owners association allows it. I would love to be able to sit in my back yard without having to see my neighbor’s crappy yard.

There are also a few cosmetic things that need to be done like re-seed the grass because I have a few thin spots and we also want to get new deck furniture. Melinda and I saw a really nice patio table and chairs at Home Depot the other day for about $500 so we will probably be getting that this spring as well.

So as you can tell if all goes well like I hope we will have a totally new back yard and empty pockets, LOL, but at least the yard will look totally awesome.

Are you planning on any yard projects this spring/summer?

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