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Pizza and Movie Night

Each Friday we have Pizza and Movie night. Rob, Sabreena and I catch up on shows from the week or a new movie and the kids eat pizza while watching a new kids movie we’ve rented. This has been a tradition for the last 4 years. Even when Shae was a toddler she liked to sit with her brother and watch cartoons and munch on her own snacks or dinner.

pizza and movie night at home
Lately we haven’t been able to find new kids choices at Redbox so we’ve resorted to renting them our cable provider. I wish they would offer better Dish Network Promotions that include credits for movies once in a while.

I don’t mind using the on demand service once in a while for pure convenience but at $5 a movie it is way too expensive to rent them 2-3 movies each week. I think if they offered deals like “rent 3 get 1” free programs or charging a couple dollars less per title it would be a much better deal. If each rental was $3 a movie I’d definitely rent more. I even think if they offered a longer rental period say 48 hours we would feel like we were getting a much better deal.

Children’s movies especially should be offered at a discount since the kids often walk away, do something else or zone out during the show; at least our kids do. I can’t tell you how many times they come downstairs asking us random questions about random things while their movie is playing upstairs.
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