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Jordan Joins Table for Six

I received an email from Jordan last week, an old friend who now lives in San Francisco. Jordan and I were buddies in high school . We’ve maintained intermittent contact throughout the years as I got married and became a dad while he built up his career in the Bay area.

Jordan never mentioned a desire to marry or start a family and I just assumed that he was a confirmed, and happy bachelor. About a year ago, he confided that he was ready –even anxious — to settle down. He admitted that he had always assumed that as soon as he was ready, the right girl would somehow pop into view, but that didn’t happen. All of a sudden, just when he was looking for a real partner for life, there was no one suitable anywhere around.

I was really pleased for him when he wrote last week, full of excitement, about a unique program that he had joined called Table for Six. The program organizes dinner parties in cities throughout California. Their matchmakers invite six compatible people to each dinner so that the participants can chat and get to know each other over dinner in a natural environment. Jordan said that it was a great setting in which to get to know someone. The Table for Six staff is very careful to coordinate the dinner engagements so that the participants are in the same age bracket with similar backgrounds, interests and life goals.

Jordan wrote that he has already met someone and is dating her seriously. Since I have
other friends in the same situation in California, I checked out the reviews on their own website as well as some Table for Six reviews on some third-party sites. All indications are that it’s a great program and I’m going to recommend it to my other California friends.

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