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Do You Have a Superhero?

We all have people we look up to, cherish and honor, some would call them our superheroes? National Superhero Day is coming up and PowerCapes wants to help you recognize those special people in your life.

National Superhero Day started in 1995 by a group of employees at Marvel Comics. This year will also mark a special occasion, during the annual CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) Superhero Run in Pittsburg- on April 28- they will attempt to break the world record for the most superheroes in one place- the current record is held by Dreamworks and stands at 1,580.

Powercapes wants to outfit all the superheros in the world with their capes and costumes. On April 28th anchors and news reporters in more than 30 cities- from Jacksonville to Los Angeles, Portland to Sacramento- will be wearing PowerCapes for the occasion!
powercapes custom superhero capes for kids
My buddy Marco is my little superhero. He is a superhero fanatic, a kid with trunks full of costumes and gear from comic books, movies and television. I wanted to do something special for him so Powercapes sent him a custom cape. He and his little sister loved it so much she got one too.

Visit Powercapes for a custom cape for your own superhero or superhero lover.