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Enjoying The Awesome Weather As A Family

I am not sure about where you live but I know where we are in Delaware the weather for the last few days has been awesome. With awesome weather means time to get that patio furniture out on the deck and enjoy a nice BBQ and have some quality family time.

Back in the middle of March we had a stretch of similar weather like we are having now and for my birthday Melinda bought me some nice outdoor furniture as well as some nice patio accessories like wind chimes and tiki torches to make our desk a place for us to relax and just chill.

It is great to finally have a nice patio table where we can all eat outside as a family and enjoy the beautiful weather. Just last night I cooked some hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill and we all relaxed and ate outside and had a great family dinner. The kids actually ask to eat outside when the weather is nice which is cool because they enjoy eating outside on the deck just as much as Melinda and I do.

This is the first time is about five years where we have actually has nice deck furniture and a place to relax and enjoy the awesome weather.

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