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A Labor of Love

pregnant bellyGiving birth isn’t easy but there are things that you can do to make things run smoother. It’s all about having a plan of attack and making sure those around you know of this plan. A support team that is going to listen and do what it takes to make mom-to-be happy is crucial. You need advocates for your behalf, loved ones who are going to keep the entire delivery progression less complicated and a joyous occasion.

I didn’t feel like I required a lot of fussiness but knew I my family treated like they belonged.  Rob, my mom, my MIL and my friend Kerry were all key people in one or more deliveries.  They were there, comfortable and included in conversations and decisions.  Here are some other points that should be discussed for a healthy and happy pregnancy, labor and delivery

Discuss your Birth Plan
Your Birth Plan can be as simple as no painkillers or turn the television off during labor. Whatever your wishes are explain them in detail to everyone beforehand; doctors, nurses, family and friends. You may not be able to convey your messages clearly during labor, I mean you are a bit busy.

Stay Rested
I know it’s hard to get comfortable with a protruding belly but find the most comfy spot and stay there. Sleep in a recliner or sofa or propped up on 6 pillows, do what it takes to get as much rest as possible.

Drink like a Fish
Honestly this is the best advice for everyone all the time but pregnant mamas need to follow more explicitly. Water is the answer to so many pregnancy side effects; premature contractions, swelling, constipation and headaches. Water is necessary to flush toxins and rehydrate skin and replenish amniotic fluid. If you suspect something more serious please contact your physician

Keep Moving
Walking is excellent exercise during pregnancy. Its low impact and you can adjust speed and destination to suit your own comfort level. Swimming and water aerobics are excellent ways to stay fit, increase flexibility and get your heart and body ready for the workout of pushing a baby out.

Keep Walking
When it’s time for labor let gravity help you out. Take some slow laps around the maternity floor or walk up and down a flight of stairs but try to stay in an upright position. One position that is quite comfortable is standing leaning on a wall or doorway with your feet about 3 feet away from the wall and swaying or rocking your hips.

Relax and Enjoy
As part of your birth plan include what you need to relax. Dimmed lights, soft music, foot massage and meditation are ideas but choose what is right for you. Don’t be afraid to tell someone that are disruptive, this is your time. I highly recommend soothing music or even the television set to low.  Telling a laboring woman “enjoy this moment” may sound silly but if you take a second and think the miracle is about to happen you’re going to enjoy the experience so much more

I know these tips just touch on so much more that can happen but if you take one little tidbit and it works for you than it was all worth it. Surround yourself with supportive loving people and start thinking how to make this pregnancy and labor full of blissful moments.